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What are some ways to prevent birth injuries?

Birth injuries can happen to mothers or babies. Sometimes, they are not preventable, but many times, they are.

Stanford Children’s Health explains there are several things that can contribute to birth injuries. Some of these are things your doctor should know prior to labor and delivery, which means he or she can make decisions to avoid birth injuries.


Babies should come out of the birth canal headfirst. Sometimes, they may not get in the correct position and will come out feet first or breech. Some breech positions allow for safe delivery, but some do not. Your doctor should be able to know ahead of time what position your baby is in and plan accordingly to avoid birth injuries.

Difficulties for mother

If you have physical complications or you end up laboring for too long, it can lead to issues. Any physical issue is something your doctor should know about and plan for. Too long labor should never happen if your doctor is being observant and monitoring your correctly.


A very large baby is something the doctor will know from ultrasounds and other prenatal exams. If your baby is very large, then there is a higher chance he or she may get stuck in the birth canal. Your doctor can plan ahead by scheduling a C-section or being ready to move to the operating room if you or the baby show signs of distress during labor and delivery.

Usually, birth injuries are something your doctor can prevent through proper care and attention. You and your doctor should work together to discuss concerns and make proper plans for safe delivery.

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