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A lack of 'informed refusal' can be malpractice

You've probably heard that a physician or surgeon's failure to get a patient's informed consent before a procedure is grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit when something goes wrong with a treatment or procedure -- but what about times when a physician fails to get a patient's informed refusal?

Informed consent and informed refusal are flip sides of the same coin. They serve the exact same purpose: They both seek to document the fact that the physician or surgeon took the time to explain to the patient his or her medical options.

How a delay in a cancer diagnosis can make your condition worse

Cancer is one of the words that no one wants to hear when they go to their doctor. After all, cancer is a progressive illness that requires drastic and often painful medical treatments. However, the sooner that you find out you have cancer, the better your prognosis is.

When a doctor successfully diagnoses you with cancer in Stage 1 or Stage 2, you will have more treatment options and a better chance of a full recovery. Once cancer reaches Stage 3 or Stage 4, it can be much more difficult to successfully treat.

Tips for helping your teen become a safe driver

Is your teen learning how to drive this summer or perhaps next school year? If so, your time with them as they get experience behind the wheel will be just as important -- if not more so -- than the time they'll be spending with their driver's ed instructor.

Parents can be good -- or poor -- examples for their kids long before they're old enough to take the wheel themselves. Even if you haven't been the best role model for safe driving in the past, it's not too late to turn that around so that you're teaching them the same driving behaviors you display --such as keeping your cellphone off.

Who can you sue if your child gets hurt on a Tampa playground?

One of the biggest fears parents face when taking their child to a Florida park is that they're going to get hurt. That's why it's a victory each time that their son or daughter leaves a playground with nothing more than a scratch or bruise. More serious injuries can happen at Tampa parks, however.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at least 200,000 children are hurt on playgrounds across the United States each year. Data published by the National Playground Safety Institute, shows that trip, entanglement and protrusion hazards are often to blame for these injuries. Inadequate spacing between equipment, insufficient fall zones and entrapment in openings also result in children getting hurt.

Telemedicine and medical malpractice claims

Telemedicine is becoming an increasingly popular way for doctors to see and treat patients. It typically involves appointments via video conferencing. Telemedicine can help patients in areas without easy access to hospitals and other medical facilities get care. It allows patients to connect with specialists hundreds and even thousands of miles away. It's also useful when patients aren't able to drive because of their medical condition.

Often, a patient will have an initial in-person appointment with a physician but use video conferencing for follow-ups. Many patients with chronic conditions who need regular check-ups benefit from telemedicine. It can save time and money for both doctors and patients.

Take precautions before letting your nanny drive your kids

If you're hiring a nanny, you may need her (or him, but we'll assume it's a woman for purposes of this discussion) to drive the kids to and from school, extracurricular activities and/or play dates. It's essential to do a little research and see firsthand how safely she drives -- particularly with little ones in the car.

You can get a copy of her driving record as part of the background check process. If you're hiring through an agency, they should provide you with that information. If you use a site like to find a nanny, you can request a Motor Vehicle Records Check in most states, including Florida. It's up to you to determine how many past infractions, if any, and what kind are acceptable to you. If you interview former employers, ask them if she drove their kids and their opinion of her driving.

Popular jogging stroller prone to failure

Some three-wheeled BOB jogging strollers have a dangerous defect. According to The Washington Post, nearly 200 consumers have reported the front wheel of their strollers have fallen off while in use. The Consumer Product Safety Commission stated nearly 100 adults and children were injured as a result.

Spotting a distracted driver before it's too late

Distracted driving is a problem on our roads all year long. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 1,100 people suffer injuries each day in this country by distracted drivers. However, April has been designated as National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Therefore, this seems like a good time to discuss how you can spot a distracted driver.

Distracted driving often involves the use of a hand-held phone or other devices. However, even talking or communicating on social media, via text or email using hands-free technology can take your eyes and mind away from the road.

A Florida bill may reduce medical malpractice award amounts

A panel of Florida House lawmakers reintroduced a bill on March 13 aimed at capping damages in medical malpractice cases. A similar bill was initially proposed by lawmakers back in 2003 and later declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 2017.

The latest proposed bill, which is known as the Proposed Committee Bill (PCB) Civil Justice Subcommittee (CJS) 19-02, would cap how much compensation for pain and suffering that a medical malpractice victor can win in their case.

Injuries that commonly result from motorcycle crashes

Statistics previously published as part of The Hurt Report shows that 96 percent of motorcycle accidents result in an injury. Only 45 percent result in minor ones. This means that 51 percent of them leave motorcyclists seriously hurt. There's a wide range of injuries that motorcyclists can suffer in Florida.

Road rash

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