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Common birth injuries resulting in medical malpractice

The first few minutes of life can be very critical. Those delicate moments when a baby is brought into the world can turn tragic with life-long effects during one act of negligence.

A birth injury resulting in medical malpractice claim can occur when the medical staff or doctor does not stay within the standard medical care you may expect to receive, or a medical institution says it will provide.

Why emergency room doctors are sued for malpractice the most

A study published by The Doctors Company in 2015 revealed that the types of physicians most apt to be sued were emergency room doctors. While one of the most frequent reasons that they ended up getting sued was because of their delayed diagnoses, there were some other themes that were commonplace when the insurer reviewed seven years' worth of its settled medical malpractice cases.

Of the 332 cases reviewed, at least 57 percent that were filed were related to diagnoses. Most of them were filed because the emergency room doctor failed to take into account clinical information that was readily available to them when making a diagnosis. A significant number of these cases was also filed because they didn't offer any differential diagnosis.

Read this before you head out on your Thanksgiving trip

Thanksgiving only comes once a year, so many people take advantage of the chance to catch up with their loved ones. Large family gatherings take place all across the country. That means that many Americans have to be on the road at least part of the Thanksgiving weekend.

Be careful.

What are the top 4 reasons construction workers get hurt?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) report listed struck-by-object, falls, caught-in or between injuries and electrocution as the top reasons for construction worker deaths in 2014. These "fatal four" injuries were responsible for 58 percent of their fatalities that year.

Struck-by-object injuries

Does a miscarriage qualify as a wrongful death claim?

Some sources estimate that around 92,500 pregnant women are injured in car accidents each year. An unborn child faces substantial risk when a mother is subjected to the force of a car crash or slip and fall accident.

If you were involved in an accident and suffered a miscarriage immediately or in the weeks following, you owe it yourself and your child to take legal action. However, in the state of Florida, the legal action you are able to take may not be what you think.

Federal law prohibits hospitals from denying care to patients

All doctors working in hospital emergency rooms in the United States are required to medically screen patients who come in seeking help regardless of whether they have insurance or the means to pay. This is legally mandated under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA), which went into effect in 1986.

EMTALA was enacted to deter hospitals from being able to turn away prospective patients in need because they appeared to not have the means to pay. Once the legislation was passed, hospitals were required to examine patients and provide them with adequate treatment before they attempted to transfer them to somewhere else if they needed additional care.

A Tampa man dies after his car is crushed by a tractor-trailer

On Tuesday, Oct. 2, a motorist who lost control of her vehicle on Interstate 75 ended up causing a chain-reaction crash. It resulted in a tractor-trailer falling on top of a Tampa-area man's vehicle around 4 p.m. that day. He was killed when that happened.

A spokesperson with the Florida Highway Patrol reports that the driver of a Toyota Sequoia had just taken I-75's northbound ramp when she lost control of her vehicle. She ultimately ended up crossing several lanes of traffic before crashing into an oncoming tractor-trailer.

Why do pedestrians and motorists get hurt in parking lots?

You've just made a purchase at the store and walk outside and enter the designated crosswalk. Just as you step off the curb, you're struck by a motorist. Your head strikes their bumper and you suffer a blunt force injury to the head. The lines for the crosswalk were so faint that the driver claims he never noticed it.

Or maybe you stumbled into a pothole in the parking lot while walking to your car. These are two instances that may result in a property owner being sued.

The many reasons that motorists are struck at intersections

Crashes at intersections are quite common. In fact, according to the United States Department of Transportation, as many as 43 percent of all accidents may occur at them. Between crossing through them or turning right or left, there are many opportunities for motorists to crash into one another.

One reason motorists get T-boned at intersections is because they see approaching traffic much later than they should have. In some cases, they may miss an approaching motorist because another car is blocking their view of it. Other T-bone accidents occur because of poor visibility, especially if it's early in the morning, late at night or if traffic is heavy.

The consequences of cancer misdiagnosis

One of the last statements anyone in Florida wants to hear in the hospital is the doctor telling them, “You have cancer.” Imagine getting the news that you only have a few months or years left to live and that you should make the best out of the remaining time you have.

However, you should not be crossing off your bucket list and making final phone calls yet. Every year, nearly 1 out of 20 adult patients in America receive a misdiagnosis of some kind from their doctors. If you receive a diagnosis, you should at least get a second opinion from another medical expert to confirm if the cancer is legitimate. Not doing so can lead to several lifelong consequences.

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