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3 Floridians killed when train hits vehicle

A horrific accident between a sports utility vehicle and an Amtrak train claimed the life of a 58-year old Florida woman her two young grandsons, ages 8 and 10.

The grandmother was taking the boys to a Boy Scout camp when she failed to yield when turning left. That put her SUV right in the train's path. The train struck the vehicle and propelled it along the tracks for about a half mile before it could stop.

Cancer diagnosis issues: Know when you can file a claim

One of the reasons that so many cancers go without a diagnosis is that cancer can mimic several other diseases and illnesses. Sometimes, a doctor doesn't consider cancer as a cause due to a patient's age or a lack of risk factors.

A misdiagnosis may be devatating to you, and it's important that you know how to handle it. Here's more on this important topic.

Is there really a medical malpractice crisis?

Back in the 1980s, there was a widespread belief that medical malpractice claims were out of control. People bought into the notion that attorneys handling such claims were just ambulance chasers looking to make a quick dollar off of the newly bereaved.

Consequently, a unique loophole was placed into Florida's law that now protects doctors and hospitals from medical malpractice suits in a way that may be quite unfair to survivors.

Keep your child safe from distracted drivers on Halloween

You want your child to have a happy Halloween but also a safe one. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents involving kids on Halloween are distressingly common, so it's important to take all the precautions you can when you're out collecting treats.

With that in mind, here are some important safety reminders that can help prevent accidents with cars while you're walking around:

Protecting yourself against medical injuries

If you spend a little time, it isn't hard to turn up story after story of medical mistakes with serious consequences, especially missed or mistaken diagnoses.

In fact, the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) estimates that you will most likely receive at least one incorrect diagnosis at some point in your life. It's probably cold comfort to realize that you're hardly alone and that around 12 million people a year share a similar fate.

Certain cancers are hard to diagnose: Here's why

As a patient who now knows that they have a form of cancer, you may be frustrated at how long it took to receive your diagnosis. Perhaps you waited several months or even years to find out exactly what was wrong, only to learn that cancer was the cause of your concerns.

In some cases, it's oversights and problems with tests or the quality of care you are receiving that can lead to a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis. Other times, it's just the reality that some cancers are notoriously difficult to detect. Here are some cancers that are hard to diagnose and why they are so easy to miss.

We can help you show that a store is liable for a slip and fall

Premise liability laws put the responsibility on store owners to keep their places of business reasonably safe for customers. What happens, however, when a store owner doesn't take that obligation seriously?

People get hurt -- sometimes, quite badly.

Could automated driving features be making drivers inattentive?

More vehicles are being produced every year with automated emergency braking (AEB) systems. Combined with forward collision warning (FCW) systems, the purpose of these automated innovations is to reduce the number of collisions -- and decrease the severity of those that do occur.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) found that front-to-rear collisions dropped 43% and injuries dropped 64% when FCW and AEB systems are involved.

What causes anesthesia errors during surgery?

The death of a high school principal in New Jersey made national headlines because of the situation's tragic nature. The principal had gone under the surgical knife so that he could donate his bone marrow to one of his students, potentially saving that student's life.

Instead, the principal's selfless act turned into a tragedy of epic proportions. The principal died on the operating table. However, it wasn't the bone marrow extraction that caused the principal's death. Instead, an anesthesia error claimed his life.

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