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Medical malpractice can happen to anyone

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2020 | Medical Malpractice

Fame, wealth, beauty and celebrity are not equally distributed in this world — but health problems can affect just about everyone, regardless of their social stature. So can medical malpractice.

If you want to see how little wealth and fame can protect you against medical mistakes, you only have to consider the following examples:

  • Michael Jackson died from an overdose of the anesthetic propofol, which was administered by the singer’s own private doctor to treat his chronic insomnia.
  • Julie Andrews lost her iconic singing ability when a negligent throat procedure destroyed her voice.
  • Glenn Frey was well-known for being the guitarist and founders of The Eagles. He’s less well-known for his death from multiple medical mistakes involved in the treatment for his ulcerative colitis.
  • John Ritter’s sudden death broke a lot of hearts, and the tragedy was compounded by the fact that it was preventable. Doctors misdiagnosed his condition when he was taken to the hospital and gave him the wrong treatment.
  • Ed McMahon was a beloved game show host, comedian and announcer — but doctors still failed to diagnose his broken neck and caused him significant long-term injuries.
  • When Prince died, many areas played tribute to his contributions to music and popular culture by lighting up the night with purple lights — but it didn’t take long for the news to break that his overdose death could have been prevented if doctors hadn’t failed to treat him for addiction after an earlier overdose.
  • Comedienne Joan Rivers was famous for her sharp wit and biting commentary — but her death highlighted the all-too-human capacity of doctors to become starstruck and make foolish mistakes that violate medical protocols.

All of these examples bring into focus the reality that, once you get sick or have an accident, your well-being is in other people’s hands. Often, those people do not take the necessary care that they should. If you’ve been injured by medical malpractice, find out what legal recourse you have.

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