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Store owners are often to blame for shopper injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2019 | Premises Liability

Each year, thousands of Americans file lawsuits for injuries that they suffer when they are out shopping for basic household goods such as electronics, pet supplies, clothing and toys. Many of these instances occur because a store owner fails to keep their premises safe of known hazards that may seriously harm workers, visitors and shoppers.

Shopping-related injuries can happen in the store or in its parking lot. When someone gets injured in a store’s parking lot, it’s most often due to them sliding on an icy surface or tripping and falling on cracked pavement.

It’s also common for Tampa shoppers to suffer injuries from being struck by shopping carts, from falling out of them or being crushed by them when they tip over.

During the holiday season when there are great sales, many customers tend to congregate outside the store only to rush in once the doors open. It’s common for individuals to get hurt when this happens because shoppers trample each other.

Shelves in stores are often stacked up high. Products routinely fall on shoppers causing head and other contact injuries.

Slips and falls are among the most common types of shopping injuries, though. A customer may not notice that an edge of the carpet is torn or raised or that the floor is wet and slick and step on it and fall. These types of incidents also occur because stairways are cluttered, because an escalator breaks down or because of poor lighting as well.

The onus falls on a store owner to take reasonable care in maintaining their property safe from hazardous conditions. If they fail to do so, then they can be held liable for a customer, employee or visitor’s personal injuries under Florida premises liability rules. One common question that clients ask is, “how do you know if you have a case?” That depends on various factors that an attorney can outline for you.

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