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$2.150 Million Settlement in Medical Negligence Action Against Anesthesiologists and Hospital for Failing to Diagnose and Treat Endotracheal Tube Mucous Plug Complication.

The Plaintiff was 63 year old male with a history of smoking who presented to a hospital for cervical spinal surgery due to chronic spinal stenosis. During the surgery while in a prone position he developed an endotracheal mucous plug, a rare but recognized complication. The plug compromised his airway. The anesthesiologist and CRNA then failed to timely and properly manage this complication leading to a delay in restoring the airway. The delay caused the patient to become acidotic which in turn damaged his spinal cord. The damage permanently impaired his ability to walk and use his arms normally. The defendants denied negligence and causation. The case settled for $2.150 million prior to trial.