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$1.1 Million Settlement in Medical Negligence Action Against Hospital and Neurosurgeon For Failing to Properly Surgically Treat Spinal Stenosis.

The Plaintiff was a 63 year old female who presented to a hospital with non traumatic neck pain and a history of cervical and lumbar spinal stenosis. An investigation revealed an infection in the cervical and lumbar spine along with long standing degenerative changes. The hospital consulted a neurosurgeon. His plan of care was to perform decompressive laminectomies on both levels with instrumentation. However, both surgeries were erroneously performed without instrumentation. This led to the development of a swan neck deformity and a flat back syndrome which required multiple corrective surgeries. The Plaintiff was ultimately left with permanent neck and back pain and related disabilities. The case settled for $1.1 million prior to trial.