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$925,000 Settlement In Action By Real Estate Developer Against Civil Engineer

A real estate developer contracted to develop a residential subdivision based on plans prepared by a civil engineer. The plans identified a series of utility poles in conflict with the design for the entrance of the subdivision. The engineer represented That the poles could be relocated either on the developers property or within an existing county right of way. The real estate developer relied on these representations, procured substantial loans to build the infrastructure and hired contractors to build the site. After the site was near completion it was discovered that one of utility poles could not be relocated. In order to solve the problem the real estate developer had to procure additional land to relocate the pole and incurred lost profits due to the delay in completion of the project. The real estate developer filed suit alleging the engineer was negligent in the preparation of the plans by failing to discover that the utility poles could not be relocated. The case settled for $925,000.