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$9,000,000 Settlement for Wrongful Death of 24 year old Electrocuted by Downed Power Line

A storm caused a tree branch to fall on top of an overhead an power line causing the line to collapse and separate. The exposed line fell behind a wooden fence separating the Plaintiff’s home from his neighbor’s home. The line caused the wooden fence to catch on fire. The Plaintiff , a 24 year old male , went to investigate what looked like a fire in his backyard. He could not see the downed power line. Unbeknownst to him the line and rain energized the ground in his backyard. When he stepped off nonconductive pavers onto the wet ground he was immediately shocked causing him to fall to the energized ground. He remained on the energized ground for approximately 30 minutes until the power to his home was turned off by the power company. He was subsequently taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. He was survived by his parents and brothers. The personal representative alleged the power company was negligent for failing to maintain the power lines free from tree branches and for failing to deenergize the downed lines in a timely manner. The power company denied the allegations. The case settled for $9,000,000 shortly before trial.