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$575,000 Settlement in Medical Malpractice Action Against Physicians and Hospital For Failing To Timely Diagnose a Basilar Artery Stroke.

The Plaintiff was a 62 year old adult female who presented to the hospital emergency department complaining of a multiple sign and symptoms of a stroke. A CT scan of the brain was performed which was interpreted as normal. Nevertheless, the hospital emergency department physician believed she had a stoke. The hospital neurologist did not believe the symptoms were due to as stroke so no stroke related treatments were initiated. Ultimately her symptoms worsened prompting the ordering of an MRI. The MRI revealed a basilar artery stroke. However, by the time the stroke was diagnosed the time for providing stroke related treatments had passed. As a result, she was left with mild cognitive deficits which impaired her career as an educator. The case settled for $575,000 shortly before trial.