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$550,000 Settlement in Motor Vehicle Accident Action Against British Tourists

The plaintiff was stopped in traffic near a busy intersection when his truck was rear ended by a rental vehicle driven by a British tourist. The plaintiff alleged the collision was severe enough to cause him cervical herniations resulting in the need for an anterior cervical fusion; bilateral hip labreal tears resulting in the need for 2 arthroscopic surgeries , other related noneconomic damages, plus past and future medical expenses. No claim for lost earnings was made. The carrier originally refused to negotiate the case because service could not be accomplished since the at fault driver lived in England. The case was referred to Valenzuela Law Firm, P.A. which accomplished international service on the driver. Thereafter, the driver’s carrier defended the case by denying negligence, naming four Fabre defendants, denying causation and challenging the reasonableness of the plaintiff’s past and future medical expenses. The case settled for $550,000 prior to trial.