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$5,500,000 Settlement for Wrongful Death of 70 year old Priest In Motor Vehicle Collision

The plaintiff was a 70 year old priest who on the night of the incident was on his bicycle on his way home after performing services at a local hospital. The route required him to cross a signalized 6 lane city intersection . The plaintiff alleged that he activated the pedestrian crossing signal and attempted to cross the intersection on a green light when the defendant’s vehicle negligently violated his right of way by running a red light and striking him causing severe traumatic brain injuries and related economic and noneconomic damages. The defendants denied negligence and instead argued that the defendant driver had the green light and the collision was the priest’s fault because he failed to activate the pedestrian crossing signal and violated the driver’s right of way by attempting to cross the intersection on a red or yellow light. The case settled for $5,500,000 shortly before trial.