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$1,550,000 Settlement in Medical Malpractice Action Against Hospital Emergency Department, Radiologists and Neurologists Occupational for Failing to Diagnose an Epidural Thoracic Hematoma

The plaintiff presented to the hospital emergency department with complaints of neck and upper back pain as a result of a fall. The plaintiff then began to suffer a loss of sensation in her lower extremities and later lost the ability to move her legs. A CT scan was misread by failing to detect an epidural thoracic hematoma. A subsequent MRI was performed which did show the presence of the hematoma. An emergency surgical decompression was performed but the plaintiff was unable to regain movement in her legs. The plaintiff ultimately became an incomplete paraplegic. The plaintiff filed suit alleging that the hospital emergency department and radiologists failed to timely diagnose and treat her epidural thoracic hematoma causing her to become an incomplete paraplegic. The defendants denied the allegations arguing there was no misdiagnosis and that earlier intervention would not have resulted in a better outcome. The case settled shortly before trial.