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$1.5 Million Settlement in Medical Negligence Wrongful Death Action Against Radiologists for Failing to Timely React to Adverse Reaction to Anesthetic During Cervical Nerve Root Block.

The Plaintiff was a married 52 year old female with a history of cervical neck pain. Her spine surgeon referred her to a radiology practice for purposes of performing a diagnostic cervical nerve root block. Unbeknownst to the patient and the referring physician the practice did not have a radiologist who had ever performed this specific type of procedure. After the procedure was finished the Plaintiff gradually lost consciousness and stopped breathing. This was likely a reaction to the anesthetic used during the procedure. A radiologist with sufficient training and experience would have promptly recognized this complication and made the proper interventions. However, the Defendant radiologist and his staff did not. As a result, the Plaintiff was allowed to remain not breathing for approximately 5-10 minutes. This led to her going into PEA and ultimately suffering a hypoxic brain injury. The radiologist and practice denied negligence. The case settled for policy limits of $1.5 million dollars prior to trial.