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$1.025 Million Settlement in Motor Vehicle Negligence Action

The Plaintiffs were traveling southbound and stopped at a signal waiting to make a left hand turn. The adverse driver was traveling eastbound with the intention of making a northbound left hand turn at the signal. The adverse driver violated the right of way of a vehicle traveling westbound resulting in a collision. The collision caused the adverse driver’s vehicle to collide with the Plaintiffs who were both belted. The Plaintiffs alleged that as a result of the collision both suffered herniated discs to the cervical spine resulting in the need for a laminectomy and fusion and related medical care. The Plaintiffs brought claims for motor vehicle negligence and uninsured motorist coverage. The Defendants denied negligence, causation and permanency. The Plaintiffs terminated their initial counsel due to a dissatisfaction with the progress of the case and an undervaluation of their claims. The firm took over the representation and recovered policy limits from all Defendants.