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$1.0 Million Settlement in Motor Vehicle Liability Action Against Motor Home Employee and Dealership for Negligent Operation of Motor Home

The Plaintiff was the operator of a disabled vehicle stranded on the highway. The Defendant was a motor home dealership who permitted the Defendant employee to use a motor home over the weekend. The employee took the vehicle to the beach and became intoxicated. On his way home he failed to appreciate the Plaintiff standing next to her disabled vehicle on the highway. As result, he came too close to the Plaintiff and unknowingly struck her with the passenger side view mirror. Due to his intoxication he did not stop to render aid or assistance. The Plaintiff was subsequently discovered by a passing motorist who alerted EMS and the police. The police subsequently found the employee and arrested him for driving under the influence, hit and run and other crimes. The Plaintiff suffered multiple nonsurgical personal injuries. The Plaintiff filed suit against the Defendant employee for negligence and DUI and against the Defendant dealership for vicarious liability. The case settled for $1.0 million.