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Legal Representation For Victims Of Accountant Liability

Large accounting and securities fraud cases such as Enron or World Com are not typical. These kinds of cases also occur on a much smaller level. However, that does not change the effect accounting malpractice or fraud can have on the people who relied on the accountant’s professional skill.

With the problems that can arise from inaccurate financial statements, it is crucial that a certified accountant properly and carefully prepare and certify your records. When an accountant negligently prepares the statements or makes an oversight upon certification, not only can it cause financial damages, it may also cause immeasurable damage to your business reputation.

The Tampa, Florida, trial lawyers of Valenzuela Law Firm, P.A., have been helping people recover compensation for damages caused by accountant malpractice for more than 30 years. Contact us online or call 813-217-5613 to arrange a free consultation to discuss your possible accounting liability case.

Establishing Accounting Liability

In cases of accounting liability, it must be established that there was a breach of fiduciary duty owed by the accountant to a client and that this breach caused damages. An accountant may breach his or her duty by failing to do his or her job properly, such as omitting to report financial activity or inaccurately portraying the financial records of the company. Or perhaps the accountant used aggressive accounting concepts to make the business appear healthier than it is.

These kinds of mistakes or practices can cause people to lose money invested in the company. In some cases of accounting negligence, people have lost their entire savings.

Accountants, as well as other professionals, usually carry malpractice insurance to cover any damages arising from his or her professional errors or negligent practices. It is therefore very important to consult an attorney who is familiar with establishing accountant liability and pursuing malpractice insurance claims.

Experienced Legal Assistance From A Former Accountant

Our attorneys have successfully recovered large settlements on behalf of our clients in professional liability cases. Board Certified Civil Trial Specialist Henry Valenzuela founded our firm more than 30 years ago and continues to concentrate solely in the area of civil litigation and personal injury caused by the negligence of others.

In addition, attorney Valenzuela is a formerly licensed certified public accountant. He will use his knowledge to provide an honest assessment of your case and the legal challenges you may be presented with in establishing accounting liability.

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