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Who can you sue if your child gets hurt on a Tampa playground?

One of the biggest fears parents face when taking their child to a Florida park is that they're going to get hurt. That's why it's a victory each time that their son or daughter leaves a playground with nothing more than a scratch or bruise. More serious injuries can happen at Tampa parks, however.

Store owners are often to blame for shopper injuries

Each year, thousands of Americans file lawsuits for injuries that they suffer when they are out shopping for basic household goods such as electronics, pet supplies, clothing and toys. Many of these instances occur because a store owner fails to keep their premises safe of known hazards that may seriously harm workers, visitors and shoppers.

Poor lighting, maintenance and design can cause stairway falls

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, millions of Americans are treated in hospital emergency rooms annually for injuries that they suffer during slips and falls. Many of these incidents happen in stairwells due to inadequate lighting, poor design or issues with visibility. Simple changes in maintenance can greatly reduce the number of slips and falls that occur on stairs each year.

What are the top 4 reasons construction workers get hurt?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) report listed struck-by-object, falls, caught-in or between injuries and electrocution as the top reasons for construction worker deaths in 2014. These "fatal four " injuries were responsible for 58 percent of their fatalities that year.

Why do pedestrians and motorists get hurt in parking lots?

You've just made a purchase at the store and walk outside and enter the designated crosswalk. Just as you step off the curb, you're struck by a motorist. Your head strikes their bumper and you suffer a blunt force injury to the head. The lines for the crosswalk were so faint that the driver claims he never noticed it.

Holding a property owner liable for injuries isn't guaranteed

If you've experienced a slip and fall or other type of injury on someone else's premises, then you may be wondering who you can go after to cover your medical bills. That greatly depends on a variety of factors including why you were on the property when you were hurt, how well it was maintained and the actions both you and the owner took before and following your injury.

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