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Radiological Errors Can Lead To Medical Negligence

Radiology departments are staffed with professionals capable of reading and preparing tests designed to assist doctors in accurately diagnosing patients. However, sometimes mistakes happen. At the Valenzuela Law Firm, P.A., in Tampa, our lawyers prioritize the needs of our clients who have experienced the harm due to radiological errors. Such issues can result in misdiagnoses or delayed treatments.

We Have A Record Of Success With These Cases

Our firm managed a case that settled for $7 million in our client’s favor. The matter involved a failed radiological procedure that caused serious internal injuries. The quality of life for patients is at stake when medical professionals fail to perform their duties with reasonable care. When we review cases for potential clients, we look for the details in the documentation that indicate that a medical mistake occurred.

Attention To Detail Is Important

It is not enough that you suspect negligence. As the firm representing you, it’s our duty to prove that evidence exists in the case to show that malpractice played a part in your injury. For example, you and the medical professional have to have had an established relationship. This means that you actually received care from the individual. You also have to be able to demonstrate that the actions of that individual contributed to the quality of that care. If we can do that, then you might be able to seek compensation for the losses you incurred due to the negligent behaviors of the practitioner.

What Qualifies As Negligent?

In terms of radiological errors, there are many ways in which negligence can occur. It may be an incident involving a test being misread, leading to inaccurate results. A doctor who orders treatment based on the wrong results will not be able to treat the patient correctly. Failing to respond promptly, losing the results or contaminating the testing equipment may also interfere with necessary care. Depending on the specifics of the matter, this could be the fault of the radiologist, the physician or the hospital.

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