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The Dangers Of A Delayed Diagnosis Of A Stroke

The representation offered by the Valenzuela Law Firm, P.A., offers a combination of a client-focused approach and thorough familiarity with the laws in Florida. A lawyer from our practice is capable of accepting cases involving the misdiagnosis of stroke. This condition sometimes goes unnoticed by medical professionals, and the consequences can be serious.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Stroke?

Certain signs are associated with someone experiencing a stroke. It is vital that emergency staff and other medical personnel understand the importance of acting swiftly when identifying that a patient is having or had a stroke. Confusion, difficulty with speech, partial paralysis or vision issues all point to the need for appropriate testing as soon as possible. Failing to order tests or respond urgently to such symptoms may indicate that a doctor has failed to prescribe appropriate treatment.

Our Firm Has Won These Types Of Cases For Clients

We do not take matters of medical negligence lightly. Our practice has won settlements on behalf of clients. Compensation of $11 million was awarded in a case involving the inappropriate management of a stroke diagnosis. Lives of patients as well as those of their family members are affected by medical mistakes. Our goal is to prepare strong cases for compensation for our clients.

You Have Rights

We understand that your main expectation of your doctor is to give you good care. The failure to practice medicine according to the professional standards of care, though, can result in a misdiagnosis. If you have had a stroke and were dismissed, treated for the wrong condition or received a late diagnosis, then our firm would like to assist you. We will do our best to protect your rights, and we will represent you in the event that evidence suggests medical negligence contributed to the harm you suffered. It is possible that you could be compensated for some of the financial, physical or emotional damages involved you suffered.

Your concerns regarding medical malpractice are valid. Our attorneys will evaluate the matter for you. Please contact us online, or call us in Tampa at 813-217-5613. We offer free consultations.