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Misdiagnosis Of Cancer Can Seriously Affect A Patient’s Recovery

The Valenzuela Law Firm, P.A., realizes that receiving a misdiagnosis regarding cancer can be extremely upsetting. When a negligent doctor fails to provide the patient with timely treatment, the patient may not have the same opportunity to recover that he or she would have if diagnosed correctly in earlier stages.

Timing Is Key

Many patients do not have to feel hopeless with the diagnosis of cancer. Breast cancer, for example, can be treated in many situations when appropriate screening is done following signs of a problem, such as a lump. Skin cancer also sometimes responds to early intervention when doctors identify spots or sores. Similarly, patients with colon and cervical cancers often benefit from prompt and necessary care. However, if these conditions are misdiagnosed and treatment is delayed, the outcome can change drastically. Our practice reviews cases when misdiagnoses of cancer may have happened, and we want to assist anyone in Florida who has experienced harm caused by a misdiagnosis.

Why Cancer Misdiagnoses Happen

Some doctors dismiss certain symptoms of cancer because of the patient’s age, existing conditions or other factors. This does not mean that tests should be forgone, however. Other times, the condition is diagnosed as something else altogether. Regardless of why it happens, we have to determine if the doctor breached the medical standard of care in cases of a misdiagnosis of the disease.

Someone who has been misdiagnosed may be too ill to work. Symptoms might have worsened, making managing daily life difficult. In some cases, the cancer may progress into later stages, leaving the patient with a terminal prognosis. In these cases, patients and their family may seek compensation for lost wages, mental anguish and permanent disability or death.

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