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A Misdiagnosis Can Be A Form Of Malpractice

The Valenzuela Law Firm, P.A., knows it is not uncommon for certain diagnoses to escape a doctor initially. This is why additional tests are often recommended. These results serve as a way to gain an understanding of a person’s health condition. However, when the tests are not ordered or the diagnosis is inaccurate, subsequent problems could result in serious or fatal consequences for the patient.

The Wrong Diagnosis Could Equal Wrong Treatment

A thorough physical exam allows a physician to assess symptoms, determine a diagnosis and recommend treatment. Many disorders, including certain cancers, respond best to prompt medical attention. In the event that a misdiagnosis occurs, a patient may miss the opportunity for a full recovery. In some cases, treatment options are only effective when done in the early stages of the condition. Our practice offers the services that could lead to compensation if this type of malpractice caused you or a loved one significant illness, harm or loss.

A Diagnosis That Is Too Late

Delaying an diagnosis can also affect how a patient recovers from illness. Failing to identify the signs of a major stroke, for instance, could result in permanent disability. This could happen if the appropriate tests are not performed, thereby leaving the condition untreated and potentially leaving the patient with difficulty with speech or decreased motor skills. These might have a serious effect on the individual’s quality of life. Negligent behavior on behalf of a medical professional means that it is possible that certain outcomes may have been preventable if reasonable care was given. Our attorneys want to assist anyone who is facing the struggles of an injury caused by such negligence.

Your Consultation Is Free And Confidential

We understand that physical harm comes with other types of loss, including lost wages and emotional suffering. Your rights and interests deserve to be considered if you have been affected by malpractice in Florida. All matters will be handled with discretion, and we will discuss the options you have for potentially resolving your case. Free consultations are available, so call us in Tampa at 813-217-5613, or contact us via email. We take a client-centered approach when preparing a case.