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Emergency Room Errors Leave People Needing Additional Care

It is common knowledge that emergency rooms can be crowded and hectic, but care should still be held to appropriate medical standards. Many emergency situations, in fact, cannot wait and should not be ignored.

You can reach the staff at the Valenzuela Law Firm, P.A., to speak to a lawyer if you experienced possible negligence while in an emergency room in Florida. We have 30 years of experience in helping clients to get the compensation they need to recover after medical malpractice.

When a person is brought to an emergency room, the injuries they face are urgent and potentially life-threatening, like heart attacks or organ failure. Many of these injuries or conditions are dependent on fast treatment in order to save a life and prevent permanent damage. It’s possible, however, that in a rushed environment, medical professionals may make hasty decisions and potentially make errors. Failure to order vital tests or to move patients in and out of treatment quickly enough, for example, can result in life-altering damage or death.

We won a case involving a man who was taken to the emergency room and experienced significant heart problems overnight because the nurses failed to communicate such critical changes to the physician. The case settled for $1 million.

What Is Patient Dumping?

The crowded conditions of many emergency rooms have led to the refusal of patient care based on the lack of insurance or ability to pay. The statute known as the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act is designed to protect citizens from such treatment. Our firm will review your case if you feel that you were turned away or ignored for financial reasons. We also offer representation to people in Florida who have suffered harm from negligence in emergency rooms.

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