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Cerebral Palsy May Be Caused By Medical Error

Parents who have children diagnosed with cerebral palsy may want to discuss their options with our lawyers at the Valenzuela Law Firm, P.A., in Tampa. If malpractice is suspected, we can look at the case to determine how we may be of assistance. Our practice offers appointments for free consultations and welcomes questions from concerned individuals. The possibility of a medical professional being responsible for the development of this lifelong condition deserves to be considered. A malpractice claim could result in compensation for emotional pain or lost wages due to the additional care the child requires.

Could The Condition Have Been Prevented?

The primary question regarding congenital cerebral palsy is whether or not the damage to the child’s brain occurred because of the action of medical staff. For example, it is possible the doctor induced labor too early in the pregnancy. In addition, failing to adequately monitor the baby’s oxygen levels could also negatively impact the brain. A consultation with us provides potential clients with the opportunity to share documentation that could serve as proof of a medical error.

The Duty To Follow The Medical Standard Of Care

It is common practice to inform patients of possible risks associated with various procedures. All medical employees, though, are expected to diagnose and treat patients with an emphasis on reasonable care. In the event we think there is proof that a medical professional failed to adhere to this standard of care, we may consider the employee and/or facility liable for the birth injury. Comparing the actions of one doctor, for example, with those of similarly educated and employed physicians could be one way to determine negligence. We can do this for you.

What If You Noticed The Symptoms Months After Delivery?

Birth defects generally fall within a statute of limitations. This means that parents might still have time to address any negligent actions that may have triggered the condition in question. Many concerns may not be noted by a pediatrician until childhood milestones fail to be reached, such as not crawling by a certain age. The statute of limitations does not begin until diagnosis.

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