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What is a common reason for medical errors?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2022 | Medical Malpractice

Humans make mistakes, and errors in some professions are not that big of a deal. But for medical workers, errors can lead to someone dying.

The worst part about medical errors is they are usually completely avoidable. According to the National Library of Medicine, many problems occur due to a lack of communication.

Not communicating

One way issues occur is when a medical care team is not communicating at all. Perhaps there are personal issues or problems within the system that prevent proper communication between all the people working on your care. When the complete breakdown of communication occurs, it substantially increases the risks to you of an error.


Miscommunication can also happen when people do not understand the proper protocols or systems. They may use record systems wrong or not include all the information they should. There is also an issue when people speak different languages. The miscommunication may be between you and your caregivers if you speak different languages.

Other communication issues

When your medical team does not work well together, it often impacts communication. You may also run into issues where schedules create issues. If your caregivers are overworked, they may make mistakes or be unable to complete paperwork as they should, which can lead to issues.

There are many ways communication can break down when it comes to medical care. If professionals are not on top of the potential issues, it can easily lead to medical errors that cause serious patient harm. If you notice problems with communication, you have every right to speak up and protect yourself.

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