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What is improper discharge from the emergency room?

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2022 | Medical Malpractice

Recently, after suffering internal injuries in a snowboarding accident, a 24-year-old man underwent the surgical removal of his kidney. Despite noticeable bleeding, doctors discharged the man. According to reporting from Fox21, he died from internal bleeding later that day.

While the snowboarder’s death happened in Colorado, countless Floridians leave the hospital too early every single year. If someone you love dies of suffers additional injuries due to improper discharge from the emergency room, substantial financial compensation may be available.

Failure to diagnose

Emergency rooms can be crowded places. Still, doctors and nurses at the emergency room should exercise reasonable care when examining patients. This may require a physical examination, diagnostic tests and imaging. Doctors also may need to admit the patient to the hospital for additional care or monitoring.

If doctors do not use available means to diagnose injuries or illnesses, patients may be at increased risk. Therefore, it may be improper to discharge a patient before determining what exactly is wrong with him or her.

Failure to treat

Pursuant to the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act, emergency room doctors have a legal obligation to stabilize and treat patients. This is true regardless of whether patients have insurance. If a patient’s symptoms persist or worsen after leaving the emergency room, doctors may have improperly discharged him or her.

Failure to provide aftercare instructions

Even if doctors diagnose and treat patients effectively at the emergency room, they should not abandon them after they leave. Specifically, hospital staff should provide patients with comprehensive aftercare instructions. These instructions should tell patients when to return to the emergency room or take other actions.

Ultimately, if you believe emergency room doctors may have discharged your loved one improperly, you may have limited time to explore and exercise your legal options.

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