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How can the use of forceps lead to birth injuries?

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2022 | Medical Malpractice

The time immediately after the birth of a baby can be chaotic, especially if you are in pain due to the improper use of forceps.

Learning about how the misuse of this instrument meant to assist in delivery can lead to birth injuries for you or your baby is important.

Bladder issues

According to the Mayo Clinic, you may suffer from pain in your bladder or urethra. Due to the metal tongs of this instrument, hasty use can leave injuries along the sensitive tube that connects to your bladder. This can make it hard to urinate fully or sense when you need to urinate.

Incontinence can also happen if a tear is severe enough to impact the control you have of your bladder or anus.

Uterine complications

The placenta typically leaves the body after birth. However, if the forceps push back too far or tear the uterine wall, then you could have health complications from it going into your abdominal cavity.

Similarly, if your delivery is progressing slowly and your baby needs help, then the forceps may push your baby into your lower abdominal cavity as well, which can harm your organs. Improperly used forceps can also cause harm to your baby’s face and eyes.

Muscle problems

Using forceps to stretch out the birth canal can lead to long-term issues with your pelvic muscles. In the time after the delivery, you may notice pelvic organ prolapse, which happens when the muscles drop lower into the pelvis.

The pain from this can make it hard to sit or walk around as you did before. You should take notice of any birth injuries in case there was medical malpractice during delivery.

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