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Should sympathy for my doctor makes me overlook his error?

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2021 | Medical Malpractice

It is one of life’s painful truths that you have come to know well: even good people can make really bad mistakes. Your favorite medical provider, someone you have trusted with your health care for many years, might make an error with catastrophic results.

As you attempt to recover, perhaps realizing your life will never be the same, you face a troubling question. You know the provider is only human, so should you forgive and accept what has happened to you or to someone you love?

What causes doctors to make mistakes?

To fully understand this topic and how it impacts medical malpractice in Florida, it is worth considering those distractions that are most likely to cause a medical provider to make mistakes:

  • Overwork and understaffing – In the past several years this has been an acute problem.
  • Issues of poor communication and information. With so many people involved in distinct aspects of handling your data, mistakes happen.
  • Standard of care issues – These include improper training, incorrect procedures and lack of follow-up.
  • Failure of devices or equipment – No procedure is any more successful than the products used.

Who is going to be responsible for your disastrous injury?

Sadly, these errors are not random. A Johns Hopkins study determined that medical malpractice mistakes are the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

As much as you may admire and trust your medical provider, the simple fact is you have suffered irreparable harm that is not of your making. Forgiving your physician is one thing. However, paying for a serious injury that creates a disability, lost income and suffering is a different matter.