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What causes human mistakes during hospital procedures?

On Behalf of | May 27, 2021 | Medical Malpractice

Dealing with a medical error can be draining and frustrating when you expect a certain level of competency from those who performed your surgery.

These errors can happen in a variety of ways, including pressure from other staff and worry about losing their jobs.

Fear of punishment

According to the National Library of Medicine, some professionals may try to avoid disciplinary action by covering up their initial mistakes. Errors of omission, where a professional forgets to take action in a particular way and causes the patient harm, can lead to worse health complications later on.

Additionally, errors of the commission happen when someone improperly ministers medicine or other treatment to a person who does not need it. Correctly labeling and organizing medicines can help prevent this problem.

Lack of attention to detail

Some healthcare professionals may disregard certain procedures during or before an operation, assuming the action is not necessary. For example, if professionals stop before surgery to double-check that the limb they are about to operate on is the correct one, it may seem redundant at first. In reality, this can prevent a serious problem from happening.

Preventing further infections by always cleaning hands and arms while prepping for surgery is also important. These kinds of procedures are a safeguard against simple problems that greatly harm patients.

Disregarding communication

Miscommunication among staff and between a patient and other staff members can be deadly for someone with unusual health needs. Assuming medical facts instead of discussing them or forgetting to check a chart can lead to easily fixed errors.

Holding medical professionals accountable for errors during a procedure is important, due to the high potential for life-threatening problems to occur.

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