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Pedestrian accidents and the likelihood of serious injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2021 | Personal Injuries

Whether you walk near traffic on a daily basis or occasionally walk alongside the road for brief periods of time, you need to understand the risks you face and the likelihood of serious injuries when accidents take place. Sadly, pedestrians are more vulnerable than those riding in vehicles when accidents occur and every year, many pass away or sustain serious injuries.

When pedestrians sustain major injuries in accidents, these injuries often turn their lives upside down in different ways, such as interfering with their ability to work and causing financial complications.

How many pedestrians suffer injuries each year?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that in 2017, 137,00 pedestrians sought emergency treatment due to nonfatal injuries sustained in a traffic accident, according to estimates. Moreover, 10% of pedestrian injuries involved those 65 and older. During this same period, 5,977 pedestrians lost their lives due to traffic accidents. In fact, the likelihood of a pedestrian passing away when a traffic accident occurs is 1.5 times greater in comparison to occupants of passenger vehicles and pedestrians are more likely to suffer devastating injuries as well.

How does speed play a role in the outcome of pedestrian accidents?

According to the State of Vermont’s official website, speed plays a key role in the outcome of pedestrian accidents. When a driver is traveling at 25 miles per hour and collides with a pedestrian, the likelihood of the pedestrian surviving is roughly 75%. At 40 miles per hour, the pedestrian’s likelihood of surviving is roughly 25%. Therefore, it is especially important for drivers to watch their speed and keep an eye out for pedestrians, bicyclists and other vehicles.

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