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Why do so many drivers use their phones on the road?

If you regularly use your phone, it is important to avoid phone use while you are behind the wheel. Regrettably, many drivers ignore this advice, which significantly increases the odds of a motor vehicle collision. There are a host of reasons why drivers use their phones on the road and with so many apps and features, some people have a hard time putting their device down (even if they need to focus on other tasks, such as operating a vehicle).

Sadly, distracted driving claims many lives every year and many victims are seriously hurt in these collisions as well.

Reviewing some reasons why some people use phones while driving

Sometimes, drivers send or read messages while operating a vehicle, which not only diverts their mental focus but also causes some to take their hands off of the wheel. Drivers also become distracted because they watch videos, browse the internet or even play games when they should focus on driving tasks instead. Whether someone is keeping in touch with friends or handling important issues related to their job, there is no excuse for placing lives in danger by using a phone while driving.

Reviewing the impact of distracted driving

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 2,800 people died due to distracted driving in 2018. Those who survive a distracted driving crash often face many hardships in the weeks, months and even years afterward, whether they are permanently immobilized and cannot work or they have severe mental trauma. It is vital for accident victims to hold distracted drivers responsible for their actions and in some instances, filing a lawsuit is necessary.


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