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Misdiagnosis can threaten your long-term health

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2020 | Medical Malpractice

A misdiagnosis may not sound like a big deal at first, but it could permanently injure you and completely alter your life. If you have suffered serious injuries because of the carelessness of your health care provider, you may require lifelong support as a result.

Understanding just how dangerous a misdiagnosis is may validate your quest to get compensated for serious injuries.

A common mistake

There are several types of mistakes that fall under the medical malpractice umbrella. Among these include surgical, medication and anesthesia errors. However, according to Health, misdiagnosis absorbs a majority of medical malpractice cases. In fact, a staggering 34 percent of catastrophic or fatal malpractice cases happen because of misdiagnosed health conditions.

A life-threatening consequence

When dealing with critical health problems, a delayed diagnosis of even a few days can create considerable danger for you. Because serious diseases like cancer, for example, spread at an alarming rate, a thorough and accurate diagnosis can impact the quality of your life and even how long you have left to live. Experts recommend working closely with your doctor to coordinate your health care needs.

If you do not feel comfortable with the diagnosis you receive, consider getting a second opinion. Provide your doctor with a comprehensive list of the medications you take, as well as a detailed health history. If your doctor has all of this information and acts negligently in researching your symptoms and history to accurately diagnose your condition, you have every right to file a lawsuit. In preparation for taking legal action, keep a detailed record of your experiences and the decline of your health.

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