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Popular jogging stroller prone to failure

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Some three-wheeled BOB jogging strollers have a dangerous defect. According to The Washington Post, nearly 200 consumers have reported the front wheel of their strollers have fallen off while in use. The Consumer Product Safety Commission stated nearly 100 adults and children were injured as a result.

Quick release lever causes wheels to loosen

The problem occurs when the quick release lever on the front wheel is loosened. The lever is a curved handle that connects the wheel to the stroller fork. Less than half a turn of the lever can cause the wheel to loosen and fall off. The defect occurs in jogging strollers manufactured before Sept. 30, 2015, by Britax Child Safety. It includes these models:

  • Revolution FLEX
  • Revolution PRO
  • Revolution SE
  • Revolution CE
  • Stroller Strides Fitness
  • Sports Utility

Father flipped over the stroller and landed on his kids

In October 2018, a father reported that his BOB double-seat stroller lost the front wheel while he was jogging with it. His two kids fell face first on the ground, while he flipped over the stroller and then landed on top of his children. The children both suffered knots on their heads.

Some children broke teeth in accidents

Other reports included the stroller flipping over or careening out of control. Parents reported broken bones and torn ligaments. Some children broke their teeth or received lacerations to their faces. After a stroller malfunctioned, one child was so injured that he bled from his ear canal.

Britax refused to recall the almost 500,000 strollers

The Consumer Product Safety Commission asked Britax to perform a voluntary recall of the nearly 500,000 affected strollers. However, the company claimed the strollers were safe if used properly. Britax also claimed the strollers meet all the industry standards for safety. It refused to launch a voluntary recall of the strollers

Though the BOB stroller had passed safety tests in a lab, it was argued that these scenarios are not what occurs in real life.

Britax instead launched an information campaign to show parents how to properly operate the quick release. The company also is also offering consumers a 20 percent discount on a new stroller, which is only good for a year, and only applies to certain affected strollers.

At the end of March, the safety video from Britax had just 195 views.

If you or your child were injured by a defective product, you have the right to hold the company that manufactured the product responsible. It is possible a defect in design, manufacture or how it was marketed led to your injury. You may have a case for a product liability claim, which will allow you to pursue compensation for injuries and make the company pay for its negligent actions.

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