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Injuries that commonly result from motorcycle crashes

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Statistics previously published as part of The Hurt Report shows that 96 percent of motorcycle accidents result in an injury. Only 45 percent result in minor ones. This means that 51 percent of them leave motorcyclists seriously hurt. There’s a wide range of injuries that motorcyclists can suffer in Florida.

Road rash

Although many think of road rash as a minor injury, it can actually be quite severe depending on how many layers of your skin are affected. Compression injuries can leave you with hematomas or bruises and cuts may be so deep that your wound has to sewn up with stitches.

Avulsion injuries may leave fat and muscle that underlies some of the topmost layers of your skin exposed, making you more vulnerable to getting an infection.

Brain and head injuries

Head injuries, as you may expect, are often serious.

Concussions are caused by the brain shifting within your skull and are often recoverable. Symptoms such as irritability, loss of consciousness, sensitivity to noise or light, concentration issues or confusion, blurred vision or slurred speech and sleeping issues often last for days or even months.

Individuals who suffer traumatic brain injuries may experience similar symptoms to concussion ones, but on a enhanced and chronic basis. Individuals with profound brain injuries may end up needing around-the-clock care for the rest of their lives.

Bone fractures

The high speed of motorcycle crashes is often what results in broken bones. Frontal impact crashes often result in tibia or femur fractures. Riders often break their wrists by not taking their hands off the handlebars during a fall. Motorcyclists who land on their sides often fracture their collar bones or develop “biker’s arm,” a condition that leaves them with lingering nerve damage and pain.

Other injuries that motorcyclists commonly receive in crashes include neck, eye, and spine injuries. Many of these may leave motorcyclists convalescing for a long time. Damaged spinal cords can leave an individual paralyzed and unable to care for themselves on their own.

Motorists who cause motorcycle crashes may find themselves liable for paying for both your current and future medical costs. Getting your hands on this compensation is critical if you have permanent impairments that will require a lifetime of dedicated care. A car accidents attorney can examine every detail of your Tampa crash to determine liability and hold the negligent parties accountable.

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