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A New Port Richey student struck outside their school

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

A 15-year-old New Port Richey student was stuck by a teacher’s car just before 7 a.m. on Jan. 9, shortly after arriving to attend classes at Gulf High School.

According to a spokesperson with the New Port Richey Police Department, witnesses heard what they assumed were two cars colliding with one another right around the time that the student was struck.

A resident who heard the commotion rushed to the crash scene located at the intersection of Madison Street and School Road. There, she found an emotional motorist dialing 911.

She then quickly turned her attention to the young student who was lying on a nearby sidewalk. She noted that they appeared to have suffered blunt force trauma to their head.

Although the student had a pulse when she approached them, they weren’t breathing. In the moments that passed before the paramedics arrived, the student began to breathe once again, albeit in a distressed fashion.

The first responders quickly stabilized the male student before flying him to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa. He was admitted there in critical condition.

A police spokesperson notes that they suspect that the student was listening to music at the time he crossed the road en route to school that morning. They note that there’s no evidence to suggest that the teacher, who taught at the school alongside his counselor wife, was speeding at the time that the child was stuck.

Administrators with the Pasco County School District closed the school soon after the injury crash occurred that Wednesday. They made a counselor available to students and teachers if they needed to talk.

When someone has suffered catastrophic injuries in a car crash, it often takes a team of accident scene investigators and medical specialists to determine liability or to come up with a long term prognosis for the victim.

Time is a valuable commodity when it comes when it comes to building complex injury cases. A car accidents attorney can help you develop a full picture of your damages to maximize compensation.

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