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You can file a lawsuit if a tree falls, injuring you

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2018 | Premises Liability

On July 27, a spokesperson with the Omond Beach Police Department reported that one of the two furniture deliverymen who had been struck by a tree in a customer’s yard earlier in the week had lost his life.

According to witness statements taken at the scene, the two workers, one of which was 56-years-old, had been working to move furniture into an Arroyo Parkway home during a thunderstorm one Sunday afternoon.

As they crossed though the yard carrying a piece of furniture, a large tree gave way crashing down on top of them. Pictures taken of the front yard of the home shows the old tree laying on its side across the home’s driveway.

One of neighbors apparently heard the sound of the falling tree and one of two men screaming for help outside. She quickly ran to their aid and called 911. Another neighbor performed CPR on the man as they waited for paramedics to arrive.

Both men were transported to Halifax Hospital where the decedent was admitted with life-threatening injuries. His co-worker was fortunate to have only suffered minor injuries and is expected to survive.

Homeowners and business owners have legal obligations to keep invited visitors to their property safe from harm. This includes making sure that their premises are well-lit, potholes are filled and that toys are other debris is properly stowed away so that no one trips over them. If they don’t, then they may be able to be sued for negligence.

Determining whether you have a valid premises liability claim is not always easy to determine. This is why it may be helpful for you to discuss the circumstances surrounding your accident with an experienced Tampa premises liability attorney to determine if you have a valid case.

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