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Can nurses be sued for malpractice?

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2018 | Medical Malpractice

Whether being seen for a routine checkup, calling in to refill a prescription or being cared for in the hospital, patients frequently interact with nurses more than they do doctors or any other medical professionals. They’re often tasked with managing the care of hundreds of patients and are called to make spur of the moment decisions when emergencies arise. This can expose them to a significant liability risk.

Even despite this, nurses rarely act alone. Instead, they’re the ones on the front line getting patients where they need to go or relaying messages between them and doctors. Most times, they’re simply following hospital policies or doctor’s orders.

There are instances, though, in which a physician might do everything right on their end, but yet a nurse messes something up, like for example, they give a patient the wrong medication or too much of it. In cases of this sort, it may be possible to sue the nurse for damages if injuries result.

Although it’s possible to sue a nurse in their individual capacity, it rarely occurs. The reason that it doesn’t happen often is because, most times. a nurse is sued in conjunction with a doctor or along with the hospital that employs him or her. These are, after all, the parties that are responsible for properly vetting their staff and overseeing the actions that they take.

Even though it is possible to sue a nurse for negligence, proving such a case isn’t easily done. Many hospital liability cases often end in the courtroom. Those who tend to have the best outcome are those who are represented by a Tampa medical malpractice attorney who has years of litigation experience under their belt.

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