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Don’t believe these 3 myths about premises liability claims

On Behalf of | May 18, 2018 | Premises Liability

Getting hurt on another person’s property can be a painful experience in more ways than one. Not only can victims have injuries, but they might not know how they are going to pay for medical care or whether they can hold the property owner accountable.

Too often, people assume there is nothing they can do in such situations. They might think so because there are many myths about premises liability claims that lead victims to think that pursuing a legal case is either unnecessary or unjustified. In this post, we will clear up a few of these myths.

Myth #1: Accidents only happen inside

People who own stores, hotels and other properties do not just need to keep the inside of their property safe. They are also responsible for entryways, parking lots, driveways and sometimes sidewalks. If an accident happens in these areas, a property owner can still be liable.

Myth #2: They only refer to slip-and-fall accidents

Many premises liability claims in Florida stem from slip-and-fall accidents, but other incidences can support claim as well. For example, dog bites, assaults and even accidents involving playground equipment can be grounds for a premises liability claim.

Myth #3: Filing a claim is unnecessary

You might think your injuries aren’t that bad, that the accident was your fault, or that money will not fix the problem. For these and other reasons, you might assume that it is not necessary to file a legal claim.

However, injuries can be more severe than you think. Sometimes, they never fully heal. And while money cannot undo the accident, it can help you pay your medical bills and compensate you for damages like emotional distress. A legal claim can also identify and hold the appropriate party responsible so that you don’t have to pay for their negligence.

Before you make any assumptions about your legal rights and options after an accident on someone else’s property, it can be wise to discuss the situation with an attorney. With accurate legal guidance and examination of your specific accident, you can make informed decisions that help you pursue the desired outcome.

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