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When you enter a hospital, clinic, or other health care facility, you expect to leave with an improvement in your condition. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. We hold doctors, nurses and pharmacists to certain standards. If you feel you have fallen victim to a case of medical malpractice, you have the right to take action.

For more than 30 years, the attorneys at the Tampa, Florida, law firm of Valenzuela Law Firm, P.A., has assisted individuals and families in seeking compensation for injuries and deaths caused by medical errors. Contact us online or call 813-217-5613 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your medical malpractice claim. We hold negligent medical professionals and hospitals accountable.

What Constitutes Medical Malpractice?

Serious injuries or wrongful death are typically the direct result of medical negligence: physician errors or hospital liability.

Medical malpractice on the part of a physician occurs when a doctor makes a mistake, when there is failure to diagnose or to treat medical conditions in a timely, appropriate manner. Hospital liability involves a breach of policy or an injury-causing mistake made by a hospital employee. When these errors result in serious complications, injury or fatality, there may be grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Get The Medical Malpractice Representation You Need

Medical malpractice litigation is a highly specialized area of trial law. For the past 30 years, the law firm of Valenzuela Law Firm, P.A., has served as lead counsel on many of Florida's most significant medical malpractice verdicts and settlements.

Our attorneys have the trial experience and resources necessary to aggressively investigate and pursue claims for catastrophic injuries and death arising out of:

  • Failure to diagnose cancer and other diseases
  • Birth injuries including cerebral palsy and Erb's palsy
  • Nurse errors
  • Surgical errors
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Medication errors
  • Pharmacy errors

$11 Million Settlement In Medical Malpractice Action Against Physicians And Hospital For Failing To Timely Diagnose And Treat Stroke

The plaintiff was an adult male who presented to the hospital emergency department with signs and symptoms of a stroke. The triage nurse examined the plaintiff and diagnosed a stroke but failed to inform the emergency room physicians of this view.

The emergency room physicians at first believed the plaintiff's condition was due to illicit drugs. This was possibly due to the emergency department's history of treating patients with drug related presentations. However, the plaintiff's family denied any history of illicit drug consumption. A routine CT was ordered and performed which was misread as normal when in actuality it showed two clots in the brain. Ultimately, all lab work and toxicology screens proved negative ruling out illicit drugs.

Because the emergency room physicians did not connect the plaintiff's symptoms with a stroke presentation no stroke alert was called. Instead, the plaintiff was admitted to the floor with a diagnosis of general encephalopathy and an order for a neurology consultation. Subsequently, the plaintiff's condition worsened causing him to fall out of bed. Another CT was performed which was again misread as normal.

The plaintiff's condition continued to deteriorate until the plaintiff's wife insisted on the performance of an MRI. An MRI was performed which detected the subject blood clots and led to the stroke's diagnosis. Unfortunately, by this time no medicinal or surgical treatments were available to treat the stroke. Also, the plaintiff developed increased intracranial pressures requiring in the performance of a craniotomy to relieve the pressure and another surgery to re implant a section of his skull which was removed as part of the craniotomy. After that the plaintiff went through extensive rehabilitation and ultimately reached maximum medical improvement.

He was left with severe physical and cognitive impairments. He will never use his arms, walk or speak normally again. He also will never work again in any capacity. He is married with two children. The defendants denied any negligence arguing that the plaintiff's complaints were not specific enough to point to a stroke and further that even if they were negligent there were no treatments available that would have avoided or significantly lessened he Plaintiff's ultimate injuries. The case settled before trial for total of $11 million.

$7,000,000 Settlement For Catastrophic Internal Injuries Caused By Failed Radio Frequency Ablation Procedure

The plaintiff was a 63-year-old male diagnosed with a suspicious kidney mass. His urologist referred him to a hospital interventional radiology department for consultation regarding the mass. The interventional radiologists recommended the mass be biopsied and eliminated using radio frequency ablation. The interventional radiologist negligently performed the ablation procedure causing a perforation to the plaintiff's colon and duodenum. This led to catastrophic injuries including the loss of function to both kidneys, massive infections, damage to his heart, multiple fistulas and other injuries. The interventional radiologists and hospital denied any negligence. The case settled for $7,000,000 shortly before trial.

$3.25 Million Settlement In Medical Malpractice Action Against Physicians And Hospital For Failing To Timely Diagnose And Treat Spinal Epidural Abscess

The plaintiff was an adult male who developed complaints of mid back pain. A series of physicians attributed his pain to soft tissue disorders of the spine. His physicians recommended pain management. Before his pain management appointment could take place, the plaintiff developed severe and unrelenting acute mid back pain which required hospitalization.

His treating physicians managed his back pain medically pending his pain management appointment. However, during the 4 day hospitalization his complaints worsened from pain to bilateral weakness in the arms, to chest numbness to ultimately paralysis of both legs. No action was taken to investigate the progressing complaints until the plaintiff could not walk.

At that time, an emergency MRI was performed which revealed a spinal epidural abscess. That led to emergency back surgery to remove the abscess and other surgeries. However, by the time the surgery was performed it was too late to reverse the bilateral leg paralysis. Plaintiff was left with a permanent paralysis of both legs.

The plaintiff alleged the hospital nurses and multiple treating physicians were negligent by failing to timely appreciate, investigate, diagnose and treat the abscess. The defendants denied any negligence, blamed each other and further argued the abscess was not treatable. The case had unique challenges because the physicians carried low liability insurance coverage. The case settled globally for $3.25 million prior to trial.

$2.5 Million Settlement In Medical Malpractice Action Against Hospital And Physicians For Failing To Timely Diagnose And Treat Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura

The plaintiff was an adult woman who developed thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura or TTP. She went to the hospital emergency department and was subsequently admitted to the floor. Due to a series of delays and miscommunications the plaintiff never received any treatment for the condition for approximately 12 hours. As a result she died leaving a husband and multiple survivors. The plaintiff alleged the hospital and multiple treating physicians were negligent for failing to timely diagnose and treat the TTP. The defense denied any negligence and further argued the TTP was not treatable. The case settled for $2.5 million prior to trial.

$2,375,000 Settlement For Wrongful Death Of 70-Year-Old Priest In Motor Vehicle Collision

The plaintiff was a 70-year-old retired Vietnam veteran driving his motorcycle in daylight hours southbound through a signaled intersection on green light. The defendant was proceeding northbound and attempted to make a left turn against a red light in front of the plaintiff resulting in a collision between the parties. The plaintiff was killed. He was survived by a wife of 46 years. The plaintiff alleged the defendant negligently violated his right of way causing the collision and the subsequent death. The case settled for $2,375,000 shortly before trial.

$1,000,000 Settlement For Wrongful Death Of 67-Year-Old Husband For Failing To Appreciate Signs And Symptoms Of A Cardiac Tamponade

The plaintiff was a 67-year-old married man who passed out at home and was taken to an emergency department by ambulance. He was diagnosed with complete heart block and underwent the placement of a pacemaker. Following the insertion of the pacemaker, the man developed chest pain and then the pacemaker stopped functioning. Throughout the evening and night, in addition to continued chest pain, the man's blood pressure dropped, he developed nausea and vomiting and shortness of breath.

The hospital's nurses failed to notify the cardiologist of these changes. In the early morning, the man cardiac arrested. During the course of resuscitation, he was diagnosed with a cardiac tamponade secondary to one of the pacemaker wires perforating the heart. As a result of the cardiac arrest, the man suffered irreversible brain damage, was ultimately disconnected from life support and subsequently died. The defendants offered arbitration. The case settled for $1,000,000.

$700,000 Settlement For Wrongful Death Of Eight-Month-Old Special Needs Child

The plaintiff was an eight-month-old special needs child on a ventilator under the care of a home health care nurse while the parents were sleeping. The parents woke up to the nurse screaming for someone to call 911. The parents came running out into the living room and found their child lying blue and unresponsive on his boppy-pillow on the couch. The nurse continued to scream hysterically as the mother began trouble shooting the equipment and providing oxygenation to the child.

Meanwhile, the father called 911. The mother began CPR until EMS arrived. Once EMS arrived, they continued CPR, but were never able to get a pulse. Upon arrival at the hospital emergency room, the physician found that the tracheostomy tube was clogged. As a result, the baby had suffered irreversible brain damage, was ultimately disconnected from life support and subsequently died. The defendants offered to arbitrate. The case settled for $700,000.

$800,000 Settlement For Rear-End Motor Vehicle Collision

The plaintiff was a restrained driver operating a motor vehicle in the morning when she was rear-ended at high speed by a commercial truck. The plaintiff suffered extensive bodily injuries and related economic and noneconomic damages. The case settled for $800,000 shortly before trial.

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